Warren Sollars


Lucy Sinclair


Donna Hines


Luke Bailey


Sue Jenkins


Andy Coxon

Tony Visconti

Steve Simmonds

Steve Currie/ Capt Sensible

Matthew Ashcroft

Steve Took/ Mickey Finn

Katia Sartini

Helen Shapiro/ Chelita Secunda

Peter Manchester

Harry/ Jockey

Chris Milford

Male Ensemble 1

Nathan Graham

Male Ensemble 2

Llandyll Gove

Male Ensemble 3

Christoher D Hunt

Male Ensemble 4

Naomi Slights

Female Ensemble 1/ Dance Capt

Jade Albertsen

Female Ensemble 2

Lakesha Cammock

Female Ensemble 3/ Cover Donna

20th Century Boy
2014 Tour

2014 BroadwayWorld UK / West End Awards Best New Production of a Musical (Fringe/Regions)

Congratulations to all of our hardworking cast and crew for a well earned award and our loyal fans for a whole lotta Hot Love.

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20th Century Boy 2014 tour.
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